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New Products

iDevices - The smart home evolution starts here!

iDevices - The smart home evolution starts here!

EXPERIENCE THE CONNECTED LIFESTYLE A truly smart home does more than just connect you; it works for you. With iDevices' advanced smart home products integrated into your living space, you'll experience everything the connected lifestyle has to offer - comfort, convenience and security in all aspects of your life.

USB Charging Receptacles Type-C • Type A&C • Type A

New Product Hubbell USB Chargers are available in the new Type-C port, a combination unit with Type A and C, and the legacy Type A, all with more power. The increase in power to a 5 Amp 5 Volt USB port adds capacity so that there is always ample current to support multiple device charging. Portable mobile manufacturers recently announced products using the faster Type-C ports. More phones, tablets and other electronic devices are expected to use this new standard. The USB Charger delivers USB power eliminating the need for adapters, while maintaining electrical outlets for higher current requirements. The new USB standard Type-C port supports faster mobile device charging. Hubbell offers more charging options with Type-C and Type A USB configurations.

USB Charging Receptacles - H3471

Hospital Grade USB Charging Receptacles - H3472

SystemOne Recessed Furniture Feed Floor Box

New Product

HES Marketing is excited to announce the release of our brand new 6" Furniture Feed floor box for Raised Access and Wood floors!

This new box is constructed from galvanized sheet metal and installs quickly and easily in a 6 inch diameter hole. Simply cut the hole, drop the box in from above, and use a Philips or hex driver to adjust the pawl arms in to place! This new box is perfect for applications where the floor or tile is between 1 and 2 inches thick.

The box has a 2 inch knock out for feeding cables from below as well as a high capacity pass through in the side of the box which has the same cable capacity (cross sectional area) as a 2 inch knock out. Power wires can be fed from the bottom or side of the box using the available 1/2" or 3/4" knock outs.

This new box utilizes the high quality, aesthetically pleasing covers as our 6 inch recessed FRPT, ensuring a consistent installed look in raised access and wood floors, on grade applications requiring floor boxes or above grade applications requiring FRPTs.

English Datasheet H3380

New family of tradeSELECT™ Metal Device Boxes with PRESTO™ Cable Clamps

New Product Hubbell is excited to announce the launch of a new family of tradeSELECT™ metal device boxes featuring patented PRESTO™ cable clamps. Some of the main features and benefits are as follows:
  • The new self-gripping cable clamp design removes any risk of arc fault or short circuit caused by over-tightening of metal clamps - thereby eliminating call backs.
  • The innovative PRESTO™ cable clamp simplifies cable insertion in the electrical box by eliminating the need to remove the knockouts as well as the need to fasten the clamp screws. This feature also substantially improves the speed of installation.
  • The absence of the metal clamp creates additional usable space inside the box that facilitates ease of wiring and accommodates larger devices.
  • The PRESTO™ clamps are made of engineered resin, tested and approved to perform in cold temperatures.
  • The clamp has been uniquely designed to enable the cable to be readjusted or removed after insertion from inside or outside the box.
  • A provisional hole allows screwing a Universal metal clamp in the box, if the PRESTO™ clamp is removed.
  • The new clamp avoids tearing the vapor barrier since there are no protruding clamp screws behind the box.
  • The new Presto™ cable clamp provides ergonomic benefits; the tool-less cable insertion, means less tools to carry.
Each PRESTO clamp entry is certified for 1 x NMD cable of 14/2 to 10/2 or 14/3 to 10/3. For more details, check our datasheets.

English Datasheet H3380

French Datasheet H3417

Advantage™ Series Switch-Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve


Hubbell's Advantage™ Series Switch-Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve are the first and only IEC 60309-2 Pin & Sleeve Switch-Rated Devices currently in the marketplace.

The launch of this product is consistent with Hubbell's long time position: No PPE is required for normal operation of Hubbell's IEC Pin & Sleeve devices that are HP rated and listed by UL for safe use under current interrupting conditions.

So, if Hubbell's standard Pin & Sleeve does not require PPE for normal operation and is HP rated, then why Advantage™ Series Switch-Rated Pin & Sleeve? Some customers just want more. For these customers more advantages are what Hubbell brought to the switch-rated market establishing new benchmarks in both performance and innovation!

New Advantages to the Switch-Rated Market Place:

  • IEC 60309-2 Pin & Sleeve Device - Saves customers time and money by mating with their existing installed base of pin & sleeve. Customers no longer need to replace both ends of their connections with a proprietary configuration to have a switch-rated connection.
  • Continuous Ground Engagement - Ground pin mating style is identical to standard pin & sleeve connection. Unswitched, first to mate and last to break.
  • Superior Water Ingress Protection - Whether your customer's wash down procedures resemble being blasted with a fire hose (UL Type 4X) or a pressure washer with extremely hot water (IP69k), our devices have been certified by a third party to be able to withstand these harsh conditions.
  • Power Indicating LED Lights - Located on both sides of the device are a highly visible and long lasting LED light providing users verification of power when devices have been mated. These lights are both a convenience and safety feature.
Superior Horsepower Ratings - In addition to its 100kA SCCR rating, the Advantage™ Series has established new benchmark ratings in the switch-rated category - up to 30HP at 3Ø 600V!

Hubbell's Advantage™ Series is the perfect complement to one of the broadest offerings of disconnects in the industry. Depending on your customers' specific application and preferences, Hubbell offers a solution for their disconnecting requirements:
  • Industrial Pin & Sleeve
  • Advantage Series IEC Pin & Sleeve
  • Circuit-Lock Manual Motor Controllers and Disconnects
  • MotorQuick Disconnect Switches
  • Circuit-Lock Pin & Sleeve Mechanical Interlocks (Fused or Unfused)
Advantage™ Series Specifications

Large Capacity Wall Boxes

HWSLDD002-1 Hubbell's new Large Capacity Wall Boxes are available in 2 and 3 gang configurations. Both sizes offer 2" knockouts making them ideal for large data or A/V applications when pre-connectorized cables are being used. The boxes provide ample depth to maintain the required bend radius for data cables and the optional low voltage barrier allows the boxes to be used in multi-service installations.

Large Capacity Wall Boxes Specifications

SNAPConnect Wiring Devices


SNAPConnect is the ideal product solution for repetitive high volume projects or demanding locations with the potential for frequent device change-outs.

  • 15 & 20 Amp, standard and decorator, receptacles, switches and GFCIs.
  • Spec grade and hospital grade.
  • Angled connector with solid or stranded #12 wires.
  • Connector and receptacles have an "A" suffix.
  • Test probe keyhole on connectors, no tester required.
  • Ergonomic, dual-latch receptacle connector.
  • Keyed center latch, switch connector prevents mis-mating.

SNAPConnect Specifications

Killark SEAL-XM Factory Sealed Controls

Killark SEAL XM Factory Sealed

SEAL-XM factory sealed push button stations, selector switches, pilot lights and tumbler switches are used to prevent the igniting of external hazardous atmospheres by the enclosed arcing devices in such areas as:

  • Hazardous locations due to the presence of flammable gases or vapors, combustible dusts or easily ignitable fibers or flyings.
  • Installations at petroleum refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants and other processing or storage facilities where similar hazards exist.
  • Use in conjunction with magnetic starters or contactors for remote control of motors.

Killark SEAL-XM Specifications

HUBBELL USB Charger Receptacle Tamper-Resistant Duplex

USB Charger Receptacle Tamper-Resistant Duplex

Hubbell’s USB Charger Receptacle provides both USB and electrical power in a standard single gang electrical opening. Designed to provide more charging options for personal electronics, the USB ports are capable of charging two tablets simultaneously. The tamper-resistant Style Line® decorator outlets provide additional power for appliance use.

Datasheet: English / French

TAYMAC® Weatherproof and While-In-Use Products

TAYMAC® Weatherproof and While-In-Use Products

Hubbell Canada is pleased to announce the TAYMAC® product line that offers an expanded range of While In-Use Covers with some patented products and unique selling features. TAYMAC® products are a perfect complement to the BELL® weatherproof product offering. TAYMAC® is an industry leader supplying weatherproof and while in-use cover technology for over 20 years. The Hubbell TAYMAC® product line includes specification grade commercial and residential Weatherproof-While-In-Use lines of safety outlet enclosures as well as a complete line of outdoor weatherproof products.

The ML 450 series of non-metallic flat in-use covers are a revolutionary low profile design that functions as a flip cover and an in-use cover. TAYMAC®'s patented design expands from 1' to 3-1/2" for those while-in-use needs. A clear window allows for quick/easy visual inspections i.e. tripped GFCI, insects, etc.. The ultra rugged polycarbonate and synthetic neoprene rubber will not dry, rot, crack or deteriorate in sunlight. The patented Quick-Fit™ keyhole mounting system allows installation in under a minute. Preconfigured for GFCI and includes patented Universal-Fit™ adapter for customer fittings to multiple other applications.

Taymac® English Datasheet H3059

Heavy Duty FloorTrak

Safeguards hoses, electrical cables, and cords from people and light vehicles in public, institutional and commercial applications.
Heavy Duty Floor Track Hubbell Wiring is pleased to announce the addition of FT10 Heavy Duty FloorTrak to the Hubbell Wiring Trak family of cable protection products. FT10 Heavy Duty FloorTrak has a larger cable capacity and has a stronger weight capacity than standard FloorTrak.

Ft10 Heavy Duty FloorTrak also allows the end-user to remove the underside of the middle channel creating an open lay-over product. The layover option eliminates the need to feed the cables through the channel. The strength and cable capacity allows end users a cost effective alternative to both Hubbell TredTrak® and competitive cable protection brands.

The FT10 Heavy Duty FloorTrak is ideal for applications such as industrial work areas, food processing plants and areas where cable management is necessary. The FT10 Heavy Duty FloorTrak helps fill a product niche within the Hubbell Trak Cable Protection Products and broadens the FloorTrak product offering.

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FloorTrak Specification: New Products Heavy Duty FloorTrak Specification

GFCI Product Line Expansion

More flexibility and new application solutions
GFCI Product Line Expansion Hubbell Canada is pleased to announce the addition of several new products to our Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter product offering. Two new groups of products have been added to our GFCI line.

First, we have added a line of Commercial Grade Inline GFCI products. This new line includes 15A, 125V straight blade devices in single and triple tap configurations. The new line also includes 20A and 30A twist lock devices in 125V and 250V configurations.

Second we have added a new product not previously included in Hubbell’s GFCI product line – panel mounted GFCI sensing modules and circuit breakers.

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Catalogue: New Products H2626

Metal Raceway Painted Steel Plates

Metal Raceway Painted Steel Plates Hubbell Wiring Systems painted steel plates are available with multiple gangs and in common configurations. The painted steel plates are made from .031 cold rolled steel with a powder coat finish paint process, that provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. English Datasheet:

New Products H5213

BANANA-BOX™ Non-metallic Boxes

BANANA-BOX™ Drill points make drill for low voltage cables quick, easy and accurate HUBBELL is proud to introduce the latest generation of BANANA-BOX™ single-gang non-metallic boxes designed with contractors to make installation quick and easy.

English Datasheet: New Products H2578

French Datasheet: New Products H2584

Custom Delivery Solutions

Custom Delivery Solutions Complementing our extensive offering of Delivery Systems products, Hubbell Canada goes beyond off-the-shelf items by designing cost-effective Custom Delivery Solutions tailored to meet your unique power and data distribution needs.

English Brochure: New Products H2478

French Brochure: New Products H2479

Hubbell Metal Raceway

Metal Raceway Introducing the all new METAL RACEWAY. Single & Multi-Channel is available along with a number of fittings & device boxes. New Innovations such as the Hubbell Handy-screw and 70/30 By-Pass Divider are proudly introduced with this new line.

Press Release : New Products Press Release

SystemOne - Modular In-Floor System

SystemOne Is an innovative system that provides consumers with the flexibility to create personal solutions for the most demanding multi-service applications for both flush in-floor boxes and Fire-rated poke-throughs.

Brochure: New Products H5188

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